June 29, 2020

Micro Bird, a growing company


Drummondville – The plant expansion at Micro Bird Inc. is progressing at full speed after being forced to shut down due to the Covid-19 situation. Construction work, which began in November 2019, will run until fall 2020. This project is an important investment that will enable the company to support its growth and improve its operational efficiency. The contribution of the current employees will be essential as well as the hiring of several new resources.


Sustained growth

Micro Bird Inc. continues to fare very well in the school and commercial minibus markets, despite the current economic slowdown. The completion of this major expansion will allow 100% of its process, such as mechanics and bodywork, to be managed under one roof. As a result, vehicles will be built in a much shorter timeframe, about 70% less time from start to finish. For Steve Girardin, president of the company, it is « a significant improvement of our production cycle. We continue to grow in our current markets, and with this increased operational efficiency, we will be able to break into new segments ».


A significant need of resources

Whether it is for short term to meet the new school year demand or for longer term to support its growth, Micro Bird has an important need of human resources. Frédéric Jeannotte, Human Resources Director, confirms that « we are looking to hire over 30 workers to help us during summer and all year long ». Micro Bird implemented several sanitary measures to ensure safety of its employees. Mr. Jeannotte added that « it is very important to provide a safe and healthy environment for our people. Micro Bird is a big family, so we are very happy to find our colleagues again. It is also very positive to have so many positions to fill in the current situation ».


About Micro Bird

From the beginning in 1966, Girardin Minibus became an established brand in the bus market, delivering high-quality products and services. Partners for 50 years in the market, Blue Bird and Girardin joined their forces to add minibuses to the Blue Bird product range.


In 2009, Blue Bird became equal shareholder with Girardin Minibus, joining both notorieties. Ten years later, in 2019, the enterprise identified itself locally as Autobus Micro Bird, to associate the product with the brand.


Now leader in the North American school minibus market, Micro Bird continues to grow year after year. The enterprise is proud to count more than 500 employees in Drummondville.

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