Building off Micro Bird’s purpose-built product strategy for maximum quality and optimization, the S-Series body design includes exclusive features that directly enhance safety and durability for increased overall value.

Features and benefits

Built to last structure

  • One-piece galvanized steel roof bows enhance safety and roll over protection.
  • The full-length, heavy gauge, galvanized steel side impact barriers with reinforced seat rail offer superior protection from side impact intrusions.
  • Aluminum side body panels for longevity and low repair costs

Enhanced passenger Safety

  •   Heavy gauge, galvanized steel side impact barriers that incorporate the seat rail into the design for extra strength.

Superior side impact protection

  • Offered by the use of heavy-gauge steel side impact barriers that incorporate the seat rail into the design for extra strength and enhanced passenger safety.


Reduced operating and maintenance costs

  • Standard LED lights

Double action energy absorbing body mounting blocks:

  • Absorb road vibration
  • Reduce noise transfer to the interior cabin
  • Provide smoother passenger ride
  • Prevent frame collapse
  • Eliminate the need for periodic tightening of body bolts
  • Standard LED exterior lights


Maximum Visibility

  • Provides a fully-glassed entrance door and unobstructed “More-View” window
  • Standard 32″ electric double-opening door.


Superior Insulation and Quietness

  • Fiberglass insulation throughout
  • Insulated hat shaped roof bows
  • Reduce noise transfer into passenger compartment
  • Prevent condensation and corrosion


Increased passenger comfort

Wide Body:

  • Creates a wide center aisle
  • Offers more room for passengers


Better protection against the elements

Completely sealed floor:

  • Ensures that all exterior elements, including dust, moisture and noise, remain outside the passenger compartment
  • Use of high quality exterior grade plywood
    • Screwed on galvanized steel or aluminum subfloor
    • Sound deadening undercoating is applied to metal subfloor over and above prior to plywood installation


Best Cost of Ownership

Special Needs


The S-Series delivers exceptional safety and stability, making this bus an excellent choice for your special needs applications. This bus is ready to be equipped with a variety of options to suit the needs of any passenger.

ADA-Compliant Lifts

Smooth operating, ADA-compliant wheelchair lifts from suppliers including Braun and Ricon are available for any of Micro Bird’s buses.

Wheelchair Securement Systems

Our Slide N’Click and floor pocket anchorages offer safe and secure transport for special needs passengers



  S-SERIES  &  SS-Series
Exterior length overall 248″ – 254″
Exterior width overall 86″
Exterior height overall 110″
Interior width at hip 82″
Interior height at center line 74″
Wheelbase 138″ / 139
Engine 6,8L Gas / 4,8L – 6,0L Gas
Transmission 6-speed AOD
GVWR 10,050# – 10,100#
Fuel tank 40g – 33g

Popular Options

  • Executive and luxury seating
  • Fully upholstered automotive interior finish
  • Storm / Thermal windows
  • Dark tint panoramic windows
  • Front cap bay view window
  • 110V dual power outlet
  • Metallic grey exterior paint
  • Extra Wide and stylish rear view window
  • Mor/Ryde suspension
  • Destination sign
  • Back up camera in rearview mirror
  • Flat screen TV
  • Special needs options
  • Much more

Floor plans

A variety of seat plans and configurations are available, including track seating and special needs options, offering our customers optimal flexibility to meet specific passenger needs.


Because of our high quality body standards, Micro Bird Commercial’s buses all come with a among the best warranties in the industry.


For a period of five (5) years/160,000 kilometers or 100,000 miles, whichever occurs first from date of delivery of the vehicle to the original user, Micro Bird Inc. warrants the:

  • Body structure (those structural metal components welded or riveted together forming floor, side walls, roof, front and rear sections) to be free from defects in structural integrity (i.e. breakage or cracking) including rust-through.


For a period of one (1) year/20,000 kilometers or 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first from date of delivery of the vehicle to the original user, Micro Bird Inc. warrants the:

  • Parts on a Micro Bird other than chassis parts.
  • Accessories, or components, except those having their own separate warranty, and/or those accessories or components listed under the section exclusions.

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